It Is reported DJ Black coffee allegedly gave Dr. Malinga 500K as part of donations to the musician

It is reported that DJ Blackcoffee gave Dr Malinga a huge donation that amounts to 500K. The funds will be used to help Dr. Malinga get back on track and make a comeback with Amapiano. Dr. Malinga had been sharing screenshots of donations and thanking everyone who had made a contribution to his donations. People care about him and want to see him in a good place again.

He is now making a comeback into the spotlight. He made a song with Kabza De Small and Makhadzi also helped him. Making it back to charts will be a life changing moment for him and that is why he is collaborating with the other Amapiano musicians. That is the way for him to make a come back and they also care for him because he has inspirational music and, positive contribution into people’s lives.




Many people found out about his story after he was on the Podcast and Chill with MacG. The podcast is really having a huge impact on people’s lives, even though it is going through critics that is about MacG hates other people and they don’t like his content. His story was very touching, as much as Innocent Masuku’s, who recovered from using drugs.

In that way, it is very important to make sure that you are doing good to people, because in that way, you will get a blessing. But with Dr. Malinga, it is different because he does not get anything in return and it broke his heart. That is most of the mystery and what someone would go through generally in life. You would wonder why such a situation has to be part of your life and come from a place of struggle.

His fans would be expecting him to have a huge song and it would be great for him to hop on Amapiano. It is now international and Uncle Waffles is playing the music on a huge scale on BBC radio. With Dr. Malinga, he would hear his song being played from the UK or around the European countries. What he should do is make a great song that people will love and that does not have to become a hit.