It is goodbye to this actress from Generations The Legacy, see who it is

Mzansi viewers will as time goes no longer see one of the actresses on television screens under her role on Generations The Legacy as she is leaving.

Zola Nombona is a South African media personality known for being an actress and a musician. She is not someone new in the entertainment industry but has been in the industry for a long time. Nombona has appeared on shows such as Intersexions whereby she was Shado. She has also appeared on other shows being I NumberNumber, Lockdown, Single Galz and others. Zola currently plays the role of Pamela on Generations The Legacy, who in the beginning came as the wife of Siyanda.




Besides being on television screens, she is a musician and has given Mzanis songs such as I Like It. It has not been that long since she joined the cast of Generations The Legacy and the bad news is that she is leaving.

Speaking about her departure, her manager being Ntando Zikalala said “She’s definitely leaving the soapie”.

She said that Zola is currently serving her motive and added, ” The reason for her departure is she got new offers she wants to try out”.

It is so sad that Zola is leaving Generations The Legacy especially when she is one of those who entertained viewers even when others were not happy with the show. However, it is good that she wants to try somethings that are new. Change is good as it comes with a lot of growth both for a person’s career and for the person as an individual.

Again, she has played her role and did well with it. It is now time for her to go and do well somewhere else.

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