It is goodbye to another Mzansi musician, William Mthethwa

By Nhlanhla Maseko

Another media personality is leaving the entertainment industry after being part of it for 40 years.

William Mthethwa is a South African media personality known for being a musician. He has been a musician for 48 years and began his career through a music band called William and Young Five with Sizwe Zako, Veli Ramawane and Blackie Sibisi as members of his band. He has given Mzansi songs and albums such as Ema O Tsamaye and No to Gender Based Violence and Xenophobia. Mthethwa is leaving the entertainment industry and moving to something different.

Announcing about him quitting music, William Mthethwa said “This year, I’m quitting music. I started my foundation and it will be focusing on old age homes in South Africa”.

“Helping people and touching lives has always been my passion. To my fans, sorry, i know you will miss me and miss Mr Everything”, Mthethwa said.



William added that even though he will no longer be a musician, he will not stop with performances but those performances will only be at Gender-Based Violence and Xenophobia Events.

It is so sad that singer William is leaving the entertainment industry after having kept the public entertained through music for many years. However it is good that he is also moving to something that will again benefit the public but he is wrong in blaming other people (Department of Arts and Culture) for him leaving the entertainment industry.

All departments including those outside the entertainment industry suffered and went through a lot since Covid-19 hit Mzansi so there is no one that must be blamed for what has been happening in the entertainment industry especially in the past few years.

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