It has ended in tears for Vyno and Terry as Vyno clears the air

Vyno and Terry broke grounds when they shared a kiss after eating chocolate. Their video reached millions whilst other’s have watched it over a million times. Terry and Vyno’s chemistry in the house was so strong and gave hope to their fans that perhaps they could pursue something outside the house.

When Terry was evicted from the house Vyno visited her and showered her with gifts, Terry took to her instagram and announced she was now in a relationship with Vyno. People were excited for them. However yesterday it was announced that Vyno was cheating on Terry.




However Vyno has taken to his twitter account that they have decided to be friends. There’s no bad blood between the two ex housemates of big brother mzansi just good vibes. This comes as a dissapointment to their fans as most of them supported their relationship and rallied behind them.