It Has caused a frenzy on Twitter after Mzansi spotted a slender guy with a belly

This man caused So much havoc on Twitter after Mzansi spotted him Taking some pictures of himself.Mzansi people didn’t even try to look at His pictures but all they have seen it’s his belly and how he plays.

Most people in Mzansi jump into the comment section trying To understand what had happened to this guy because he is slender but he has a huge belly.

Look what most people in Mzansi said about this guy.



From my own point of view I think this guy could be drinking a lot of alcohol and this could be the reason why his belly does not look like his face or his shape.

In order for him To get back into his normal shape he should stop drinking alcohol a lot because this could be the reason why he’s getting like this and this is making Most of Mzansi people to make fun of him because of how he looks.