IT ENDED IN TEARS: TV stars confirm Break up

It is over between two TV stars who made fame in the recently show that was most loved by many people.

Their relationship coming to an end has saddened their fans who had wished them to continue dating as they looked like a happy couple together.

But that is just the thing with these celebrity relationships and marriages, in the eyes of the public, they will look all happy with each other like they are actually on cloud nine. They act as lovey dovey, giving their fans an impression that all is well in their love. Then, when we least expect it, they drop that bomb,they announce that their relationship has ended.



We see these celebrities making statements that their break up, saying it was a mutual agreement and that they are not enemies but they will remain friends.

Well, that’s exactly what the Big Brother Mzansi contestants, Vyno Miller and Terry Treasure have stated as they announced their break up.