IT ENDED IN TEARS: TV star assualt with his in-laws

A young TV star from a reality show that airs on Moja Love TV got a caught up in a brawl with his in- laws in public at the event of his wife.

What was planned to be a wonderful day and even started as such for his wife, ended up in tears after hubby allegedly assaulted his in laws

The stars of Moja Love reality show, Isencane Lengane, Siyacela Dlamuka and his wife, Thando, had a baby shower at a classy hangout spot at Maqaqa Lifestyle, in Adams, South of Durban, recently.



The event was arranged by Dlamuka’s sisters and got ruined when his father-in-law, who is the father of his wife, Thando, arrived with some men to the event.

After a while of their arrival, a scene started and a quarrel took place between Siyacela and his in laws.

The brawl got so bad to the extent that the securities came urgently to calm the situation and avoid the assault turning very bad. Sources who were present stated that the situation was very bad as these gentlemen were ready to beat Siyacela who was very rude towards them.

However, after the security guard intervened, the fight got stopped but Thando was left very disappointed to the extent that she cried.