IT ENDED IN TEARS: TV star assualt with his in-laws

A young television personality from a reality program that is shown on Moja Love TV got into a public altercation with his wife’s family when he was at an event that his wife was hosting.

It was supposed to be a beautiful day for his wife, and it even started off that way. However, the day ended in tears when it was said that her husband attacked his in-laws.


The stars of the reality program Moja Love, Isencane Lengane, Siyacela Dlamuka, and Thando, recently had a baby shower in the posh hangout area Maqaqa Lifestyle in Adams, which is located south of Durban.

The appearance of Dlamuka’s father-in-law, who is also Thando’s father, together with a group of men put an end to the occasion. Dlamuka’s sisters were the ones responsible for organizing the event.

An argument broke out between Siyacela and his wife’s parents shortly after they had arrived, and it continued for some time after that.

The argument reached such a level of intensity that security officers were quickly called to the scene to bring about a return to normalcy and to stop the attack from reaching a higher level of intensity. According to eyewitnesses, the situation was really precarious since these guys were ready to beat Siyacela, who was being very hostile toward them.

However, due to the interference of the security officer, the battle was finally put to a stop. Despite this, Thando was so disappointed that she started crying.