It ended in tears for Arthur Mafokate

Mafokate was informed of his suspension through a letter written to him a week ago.

In the letter, CCIFSA tells him that it is concerned that he has been missing in action in regards to activities relating to the federation.




“We are writing this letter with great concern on your none communication and absentia from the activates of CCIFSA Joburg,” reads the letter in part.

“When we nominated you as chairperson of our vibrant region, we had all the reasons and confidence that you will lead CCIFSA Joburg to where it deserves to be.

“As much as we still have that confidence and belief in you, it has given us great concern and raised an alarm on whether we all have the same goal of taking the greater Joburg region forward.”

The organisation also writes that Mafokate has not been providing communication relating to the operation of CCIFSA.

“Besides your absentia, we have also noted with great concern none response to the humbly request of documents that would assist the organisation move forward.”

The organisation met on August 4 to discuss the matter and appoint Maseko.

“We would like to assure that none of the decisions were made for personal gain but to advance the interests of the organisation.

“It is unfortunate that in many cases organisations are set up for the personal profit or gain, but not with this CCIFSA collective, we also believe that the organisation you registered was also to serve the people,” reads the letter.

Mafokate did not respond to questions sent to him while CCIFSA Gauteng chairperson Sidney Dlamini said he was informed of Mafokate’s suspension.

“Now we wait for an internal process to take over and then we will see how it goes from there,” said Dlamini.