“It could be a music video” Mzansi reacts to QTwins and Dj Tira wedding pictures

The QTwins have started thier musical journey on Idols, and now they are the biggest stars in the music industry. Dj Tira made them believe in their dreams and beautiful voices. These girls can really sing and they always hits after hits.

They taken it to social media to share these beautiful pictures where one of the twins is wearing a white wedding dress, many people think it is a wedding while others think it is a music video. I think it could be a music video because these twins never said that they are dating someone or not.



They always sing about love songs and this one could be one of them. I have to say that they look beautiful and people will definitely love the song. Dj Tira is a producer and he worked very well with the girls since from day one.

Sources: https://twitter.com/MusaKhawula/status/1554908358972416002?t=PYmuWZ0k9jYiWWN8cYc6cw&s=19