Israel Matseke Zulu brushes off rumors that he is struggling to find work due to his leg amputee

Following the star’s leg amputation, it was previously stated that he had been having trouble finding work. The former” gomora “actor had his leg amputed earlier on this year due to sickness that was troubling him.And now it looks like he is struggling to feature in the entertainment industry after going through the leg surgery.





Israel claimed that the rumors about him were false in a statement to “TshisaLIVE “since he is still a hustler. He has not made an appearance on “Tv “ever since he got his leg amputed and many fans assumes that he is struggling to get a role with his situation.

“I’ve been hustling, but I’m not down and out. It is not appropriate what was written. It’s a mistaken assertion that could ruin my relationships with other people. He added that he is still busy and viewers can still expect more of him on the screen.

I don’t want to work. If I wanted to work, I would be able to find it. “Gomora”, neither they nor I were fired. I may go there or somewhere else whenever I feel secure and let them know I’m looking for work.

“Obviously, my life won’t be the same after chopping my leg, but I’ll make sure I do what Im born to do which is acting and entertaining viewers” he said. Viewers can still expect more of “Israel Matseke “he added.