Isibaya’s Ma’Khanyi gave Kentucky a reality check & the streets are howling



Poor Kentucky thought she had a chance with Dabula, but Isibaya‘s Ma’Khanyi was ready with a healthy serving of reality which put sis back in her lane very quickly.

Kentucky has been caught in a love triangle with Ntwenhle and Dabula and was hurt when malume chose Ntwenhle over her.

On top of that, Ntwenhle seemed to have broken the girl code.

Sis was storming around like someone had stolen her lunch, which resulted in a stern talking to from Ma’Khanyi. 

Eventually Ma got through to Kentucky and advised her to let it go. 

She even added some spice by telling Kentucky that Ntwenhle was always going to win.

Meanwhile, Ntwenhle wasn’t putting up with anyone’s nonsense and during a fight with Dabula went off at him.

Ai. It was too much for poor Kentucky, and for viewers at home who weighed in on the drama with memes and messages on social media.