IsencaneLengane: This Was Noticed At Dlamuka’s Funeral, See Here

There are a lot of people who get involved in ensuring that everything goes accordingly whenever a family member is being laid to rest and it was not really a surprise that there was no drama at Mr Dlamuka’s funeral because the elders would not have allowed any bad behaviour.

Usually, having Thando’s father and Siyacela in the same space can mean trouble, especially if they were fighting the last time they met, this has happened a few times in the past.

In the latest episode of show, Siyacela’s father was honored by the community members.

And one could say that there was order, there were some minor problems there and there, but the service was well organised, matters were resolved and this proved that there was respect for Mr Dlamuka even though he was no more.

Now, there were some concerns about the arrival of the Thabethes, Thando’s father and her aunt.

Everything was just unexpected, Thando explained how everything unfolded, she mentioned that as she was listening to the sermon, her father and aunt arrived.

And as they arrived, they went straight to the stage, which was very worrying for Thando because she could not tell what they would do or say.










But fortunately, they did not cause any drama, Thando’s father talked about how Mr Dlamuka used to take care of his daughter.

It is known that Thando’s father was not present in Thando’s life and as he was speaking, one could tell that he was grateful for everything that Siyacela’s father did for his daughter.

It was an emotional moment, he also went on to mention that he never met Mr Dlamuka, but this does not change anything for him because he will forever be grateful for everything he did.

As for Thando, she still did not understand why her father was allowed to speak, she was a bit confused, but at least, everything went well.

It is not clear what Siyacela thinks about Thando’s father speaking at his father’s funeral, he has not said anything about that yet.

He probably will talk on this in the upcoming episode of the show and it will be interesting to know what he has to say, the viewers know how Siyacela can get.