IsencaneLengane: This Was Noticed At Dlamuka’s Funeral, See Here

Mr. Dlamuka’s funeral went off without a hitch thanks to the tight restrictions maintained by the elders of the town, who had meticulously arranged the event.

There can be a lot of tension when Thando’s father and Siyacela meet, especially if they were at odds the last time they saw each other.

This week on the show, Siyacela’s father was acknowledged by people of the community.

It was evident that Mr Dlamuka’s legacy was respected, even though there were a few small concerns to be resolved and the service was professionally organized.


The arrival of Thando’s father and aunt, the Thabethes, was a cause for concern.

Her father and aunt showed up while she was listening to the sermon, as Thando said.

As soon as they came, Thando was apprehensive because she had no idea what they were going to perform or say on stage.

When Thando’s father asked about Mr Dlamuka’s care for his daughter while he was away, he heard nothing but praise.

Thando expressed his gratitude to Siyacela’s father for all he had done for him and his daughter, who had been absent from his life.

Even though he had never met Mr Dlamuka, he said he would always be thankful for all that he had helped him accomplish.

However, everything went smoothly, despite Thando’s confusion as to why her father had been allowed to speak at this particular time and place.

Siyacela has yet to say what he thinks of Thando’s father speaking at the funeral; he hasn’t said anything about it.

If he does address this issue in a future edition of the show, it will be interesting to hear his thoughts.