Isencane Lengane: Siyacela Swore At Thando’s Mother | Here’s What She Did

Previously, Siyacela was at the hospital before Thando gave birth. Thando could not allegedly eat because of the pregnancy pains but Siyacela apparently ate her food. Thando has apparently been calling Siyacela but he is not answering her calls. Viewers found that very disrespectful because the couple just welcomed a new born baby. Thando’s mother visited Thando after trying to get a hold of her, she wanted to know if her daughter is fine.

She seemed happy to see her daughter and the baby, she was not impressed with the fact that Siyacela was not helping Thando with some stuff. Approximately few weeks ago, Thando’s mother was allegedly told what happened during Thando’s baby shower. Although she was really disappointed but she apparently let it slide. She visited Thando to see her and confront Siyacela regarding his behavior towards Thando.





Thando’s mother went to Siyacela and asked him why is he not answering calls on Thando’s phone. She also asked Siyacela why he is using Thando’s phone, where are his phones, Siyacela apparently said his phones are charging. The conversation did not go well because Siyacela left. Thando’s mother told Siyacela to treat her daughter well, Siyacela said a disrespectful word. Thando’s mother still wanted to say more but she could not.

She even asked why doesn’t she leave Siyacela, Thando is probably still in love with her husband. She said she will not stress herself with Siyacela because she knows that he will come back. It looks like the show will not be playing on Sunday because it is the return of the well known Uyajola 9/9 at 21:00 CAT.

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