Isencane Lengane: Siyacela Is Meeting Zinhle | Thando Revealed Something About School |

(Previously) Siyacela’s father said Siyacela is his first son to get married at the age of sixteen years old. Siyacela once told Thando, he wants a second wife.

Siyacela and Thando are both 20 years old, they got married in 2019. The young couple is happy to be parents, they are both going to provide for their baby. Thembinkosi (Thando’s father) is happy to meet his daughter, he has been looking forward to this day.





“I was not happy, I did not want to hug him but I did not want to embarrass” said Thando. Thembinkosi noticed that Thando lost weight, she does not look like she used to. He knows that normally pregnant women gain weight, he felt like his daughter was stressed. Pinky (Thando’s aunt) joined Thando and her father, she has plans for Thando, she wants to help her with achieving her dreams.Thando allegedly failed her matric, she still wants to go back to school. She wants to be a social worker, she will not give up because she is pregnant. Pinky is still willing to help Thando, she believes that Thando will pass if she rewrite her matric. She also said she wants Thando to live with them, they want to assist with the baby after she has given birth. Thando is still pregnant, she is healthy and happy with her life at the moment.

(On the next episode) Siyacela is still busy with Zinhle, he is apparently going to meet up with her. It looks like Siyacela allegedly does not want to continue with what he has/had with Zinhle because he compared her to Thando.

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