Isencane Lengane: Here’s What People Notice When Thando Slapped Siyacela, See This

Isencane Lengane: Here’s What People Notice When Thando Slapped Siyacela, See This

The show is back for a new season, moja love shared a snippet. It looks like there is going to be a lot of drama this season, Siyacela’s girlfriend is in the new season. You can only imagine what is about to go down, people can not wait.

Thando is going to apparently meet Zinhle for the first time, Siyacela will also be there when his wife and alleged girlfriend meet. The highlight of their conversation was “kiss her right now so I can see that you guys are back together” said Thando to Siyacela, “stop wasting time, kiss me” said Zinhle to Siyacela.






Siyacela was leaning for a kiss when Thando splashed/poured both Siyacela and Zinhle with a drink. Thando and Zinhle started exchanging words, Zinhle even said “I’m still going to sleep with your man”, Thando’s response “go ahead”.

Thando told her father she wants a DNA test because he apparently denied her when she was a child. She also said “We don’t have a relationship as father and daughter. I’d like to take a DNA test”.

The Slap

If you could look closely in the video, people noticed how Thando slapped Siyacela. They felt like she was allegedly scared to slap him, you could see from how she slapped him to how she reacted after slapping him. If you want to check the video out, the link is at the end of the article.

Although people are happy for the new season, they don’t like the fact that Thando is tolerating Siyacela’s behavior, they were not impressed with how Siyacela acted when Thando said he should kiss Zinhle. What do you think about the snippet?

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