“Is Winston Going To Come Back For Sphe? See What’s Going To Happen

Ayanda is anyway failing to remember that she is a hitched ladies. She is taking a chance with her union with Pele for Nkosiyabo. Nkosiyabo isn’t anxious about anything since he isn’t hitched and should just go for it. Ayanda is by all accounts creating affections for her chief, will she lay down with him.



He’s a sociopath , he generally pull off anything . He connected everything to Mazwi yet that didn’t stop Mazwi to go out there searching for her , he’d cry infront of Nkosiyabo and the criminal investigators attempting to show that he’s likewise in aggravation . Sphe made due yet it seems like he won’t prevent tormenting Sphe any moment from here onward .

The rose that he gave Sphe when he was hanging her wound up in her room once more , she was unable to quit crying realizing that he might in any case approach her whenever . It seems like Sphe has no faith in her uncle , she actually wish his father was as yet alive so he can safeguard her . We know how defensive Jack Mabaso was , assuming it implies there ought to be dead bodies for his family to be protected then that is all there is to it . Indeed, even his laborers knew , they wouldn’t deceive him like that .