Is this the End of Gogo Skhotheni?

Many people say that they do not want to see the second season of celebrity Sangoma, Gogo Skhotheni’s reality show called Gogo Skhotheni. This is because fans think that the show is popularising too much witchcraft on public television and Gogo Skhotheni seems to not be taking that into consideration.Gogo Skhotheni talks about ‘love potions’, polyandry and being ‘hated’

Other people were also heartbroken upon seeing Monde and got very upset. Some fought with Twitter comments against the picture that Gogo Skhotheni is painting with her witchcraft content.

“I have no respect for women like Gogo SKhotheni. She has really turned African spirituality into a mockery all in the name of content and clout. This does not make her powerful at all, Monde is literally a zombie, a prisoner”, Ntokozo tweeted.

People are heartbroken whenever they see Monde, it is like seeing a person who is being controlled by a remote, always saying yes to everything to what Gogo Skhotheni says and never a no coming from him. Is Monde Shange cheating on Gogo Skhotheni🤔part 1 – YouTubeThey believe that Gogo Skhotheni is all about witchcraft and did some kind of love potion on Monde. They even asked about how she would feel if it was done to her.




“It is so sad that no matter how bad Monde is against this sthembu (polygamy) nonsense, there is nothing that he can do because of that stupid love potion. Now he lives with what should have, would have, could have happened and it is hard because he was warned”, wrote MaabuleM.

Is this not the same thing that is done to women who are in polygamy as well to give and take love portions? I always wonder how so many men remain in power and get married to so many women and none of them leaves, just like in the case of Musa Mseleku.

Well, do tell us what you think about Gogo Skhotheni and Monde’s relationship. Could this be the end of Gogo Skhotheni? Leave a comment and let us engage with you.Gogo skhotheni Dlamini – YouTube