Is Phindile Gwala To Be MaMkhize’s Friend? She Always Ignores Her

Imagine Publicly calling someone “my friend ” and then they ignore you like they have never seen you before. But perhaps we really should just stop over qualifying ourselves in people’s lives.

When it comes to Shawn Mkhize and her Instagram as well as the things she posts on her Instagram we already know that actress Phindile gwala will be there. MaMkhize came into the entertainment industry not so long ago, the public first got to meet her when her family tv reality show hit our screens. This is where the Durban tycoon made her way into many people’s hearts.


Shawn Mkhize is mad rich, her lifestyle is really the envy of many, no wonder actress Phindile gwala will not rest until she gets her attention. Phindile has drawn attention even to herself with the way she always go out of her way to get MaMkhize to notice her. She comments on each and every picture that MaMkhize posts but MaMkhize has never replied to any of those comments. This time she went as far as to refer her as to her friend, again MaMkhize didn’t bother to reply to that comment, at this point it really just looks like Phindile is trying a little to hard and she is pushing it