Is Paxton Going To Be Arrested After What He Did To Magongwa See What Mr Kgomo Is Going To Do

Mr Kgomo is empowering Paxton’s way of behaving. Mrs Kgomo let Obed know that the time she let him know that Paxton put her hairpiece in the clothes washer, she was lying. She let him know that she found him blending her hairpiece in with synthetic substances. She showed him the hairpiece. He was terrified in light of the fact that the very variety that was in the hairpiece was likewise on Magongwa’s hair. He realize that Paxton was answerable for Magongwa’s episode. He would have rather not announced him.






Rather than training his child, Mr Kgomo needs to cover every one of his tracks. He doesn’t maintain that he should be found, yet he doesn’t realize that there were observers. He went to the school to request an exchange letter since he realizes that his child will be viewed as liable assuming that the police continued to research the matter. He just needed to move him to Joburg. Chief let him know that she will bring the exchange letter to him when she gets time.

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