Is Owami Really Pregnant? Look At This

Owami Mafokate’s father is Arthur Mafokate, also known as the King of Kwaito. Owami is a South African DJ who is quickly gaining a reputation. Her mother is also a well-known South African figure. Her mother was the lead singer of the Afro pop group ‘Abashante’ in the 1990s.

Owami is turning 21 this year, and she has formed her own personality in the world while also stepping out of her parents’ shadow.




She is active on social media, particularly on tiktok. She generally posts about her DJ gigs on Instagram. People have recently made remarks about her weight increase.

Some made comments out of envy, even claiming that she was gaining weight in the correct areas. When Owami was dancing to a challenge on TikTok a few weeks ago, most people assumed she was pregnant.

People are starting to suspect she is pregnant after she let her tummy out the other day. Is it possible to do a breath in if your stomach is already so big?

She had previously removed the footage that had been questioned.