“Is Lehasa Going To Forgive Khwezi After What She Did To Him Because Khwezi Is Pregnant?



Lehasa is gotten between two universes: Khwezi’s pregnancy and Pretty’s friendship. While in prison, Khwezi implies Pretty as a country person. In the event that by some fortunate turn of events she understood Lehasa’s uncle is familiar with the real world.

Pretty was comforted by Lehasa’s uncle that they take care of her. These flashbacks of Nothile and Leeto alerted Lehasa autonomously about Khwezi are outrageous. Right after learning Khwezi is pregnant, I understand Lehasa won’t crush charges. We have very far to go.


I thought Peterson wanted to pass horrible news on to Lehasa’s uncle, only for him to say, “Khwezi has been kept.”

I maintain that Khwezi should be stressed so she loses her pregnancy. The Maphosas and their wrongdoings They are right now stressed that Khwezi will start singing like a bird in prison.

Is John clueless that each time he makes reference to Thamaga, he upsets Meikie? If Maputla can stop saying “Thamaga” each time he tends to Meikie, she might actually patch up her friendship with Mantuli.

A young woman who begins a kiss and saying “I love you.”first. Is a reprimand sign. Leshole is dealing with God’s liabilities by fixing the country. “I love you.” “Thank you.” Kgothatso needs to loosen up.

Beside Zamokuhle, MaNtuli will vent her fierceness on each and every other individual. She is unreasonably merciless, and eliminating your own young person from the house is way too abundance.

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