“Is Jacobeth Going To Leave Lizzy Alone And Go With Mr Kganyago? See What Will Happen

Sources: https://twitter.com/SkeemSaam3/status/1590645444090044416?t=2fYaPywnmvjXVzAD3geHag&s=19

Mr Kganyago has just 1 day since he moved in with Elizabeth and her mom to their home, and she is now burnt out on him. Lizzy says Mr Kganyago is wherever in the house, they can’t find any security like they used to before he showed up.

Mr Kganyago has failed to remember that he is a visitor and he ought to regard others’ security. Obviously Lizzy doesn’t need him in the house, she has been giving him a demeanor too. Jacobeth then again, he sees nothing off-base that her man is doing in the house.






Mr Kganyago didn’t acknowledge his proposition for employment frm John Maputla, how long would he say he is intending to live under Jacobeth’s and Lizzy’s costs?

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