Is Gogo Maweni friends with Tebogo Thobejane? She referred to her as a friend

Many people are looking forward to Gogo Maweni’s Ubungoma Festival that will be held on the 1st Of October this year. Artists will be there to perform, and Gogo Maweni and Gogo Skhotheni will be the guests. Many have saved the date and there’s no looking back. Gogo said the festival is a platform where people can embrace who they are.




Gogo shared about the festival on social media platforms. On an Instagram post by Gogo, Instagram model and actress Tebogo Thobejane commented. She asked Gogo to book her, and Gogo said, “Consider it done friend let’s chat on whatsapp”. Gogo just referred to her as a friend.

Is Tebogo Thobejane friends with Gogo Maweni? She referred to her as a friend and they also chat via whatsapp. Gogo is loved by many people, and surely it is because of the good job she is doing.She is a woman of her own principles and she knows what she is doing.