Inspiring Short Lob Haircuts in 2019

If you’re Blonde with a capital B – or just thinking about a bright, new look – these stylish and simple lob haircuts will show you what’s new!  Some of the cuts are sweet and chic, but there’s a generous dash of full-on, blonde-bombshell in the mix, too!   With their flattering shapes, easy-style convenience and endless versatility, lobs have held their popularity for several years now.  And these fresh colors, new balayage techniques, and trendy twists will keep us ‘hooked’ for a long time to come!




Love your lob, but bored with the color?  Don’t worry, it happens to us all!  Why not try this beautiful blend of caramel, toffee and honey mid-blonde shades in a vertical pattern. Medium-blonde colors tend to give a softer look that flatters more mature complexions.  And with just a touch of white-blonde at the front, you’ll draw attention to the top of your face and your eyes.  Textured tips are varied to make a choppy and tapered bottom line that’s a totally new twist!

Whether your hair is naturally white, or you love to lighten it, this fabulously wavy bob is a really eye-catching option!  The lovely, broad waves create 3-D texture for hair that looks as beautifully styled as a marble statue.  But with lots of lively movement going on there, too!  The tips are balayaged in white-blonde, with a lavender toner, which contrasts with the warmer, beige tone of the main ivory-blonde color.  And this draws attention to the lively, spiky textured tips which also contrast with the soft wavy texture above!