Inside Shonas daughter simple birthday party.

Shona Ferguson was a South African media personality and also one of the most hard working business man and there was no doubt about it.

He was well known for his onscreen role on one of his company productions called The Queen as Jerry Maake.

He sadly passed on last year due to covid-19 complications and it hasn’t been a very easy journey for both the industry and the family as well.



Shona had two daughters and the eldest is Lesedi Matsunyane Ferguson who is form Connie’s previous marriage,and the second born daughter is Alicia Angel Ferguson and he had a very beautiful bond with with all her children and it was very beautiful to watch.

It was Alicia’s birthday yesterday and as always her family posted her and wished her a very beautiful birthday and they posted her.

They didn’t have a very big event last it was with her 19th but they had cake and it was very beautiful.