Inside Makhumalo’s lavish birthday 33rd birthday party.

When we talk about successful and also loved women in South Africa there is no way that we cannot include Makhumalo who is a radio presenter and also a great media personality.

She got into the industry through their reality television show called Uthando Nesthembu and she has never looked back ever since then.




She is also part of a reality television show called The real housewives of Durban and she already has her own fan base and they love her very much.

Better known as Makhumalo, we all know that she is a lover of beautiful things and she always looks amazing in her weaves,make up and also her fancy clothes a swell.

Makhumalo always makes sure that she leaves a mark and always her events very beautiful when she is the one hosting and there is no doubt about that.

She posted pictures of her 33rd birthday party and she looked amazing.