Inside Makhumalo and Musa’s lavish wedding.

Thobile Khumalo is a South African media personality and she is no doubt one of the most loved celebrities in South Africa.

Better known as Makhumalo from their reality television show called uthando nesthembu,she is the third wife to Musa Mseleku.

Talk about talent and class there is no way we can’t include Makhumalo as she is all that and more.





She is a lover of fashion,make up and definitely looking good at all times and In everything she wears as well.

When their first season of Uthando nesthembu first got aired she had dreads and she looked amazing in them and she always changed hairstyles regularly.

She recently shared her wedding pictures on her instagram and her and her husband really look amazing. We all know that it was her turn to have a wedding and she was about to start preparing for it covid happened and everything had to be stopped a bit.

She had her wedding with her husband last weekend and it was a traditional wedding. See below the pictures.