Inno Sadiki from Skeem Saam takes her kids on a luxury holiday

Inno Sadiki, who plays Sthoko on Skeem Saam, shared adorable holiday snaps of her children. The cuteness of her children was praised by fans incessantly.

With a short dress, matching headband, and a sweet yellow and blue ensemble, Inno looked adorable. On Instagram, she posted pictures of her and her twin sister’s children riding a small pool boat while enjoying some fresh air in adorable swimsuits. Sun City appears to be where Inno took the kids, and the establishment she took them to appeared to be very posh. Since everyone is aware that going to that location costs money, many people commented that the Skeem Saam actress must be wealthy.

She said, “It’s fantastic being co-moms with her,” as she thanked Milly Mashile, her twin sister, for letting her take her children on this lovely adventure. Even though Inno was aware of how crazy and unique motherhood can be, she was still able to keep the kids happy and in good behavior.





She recently attended AFDA to commemorate her Master’s degree. Pastor Phindulo Sadiki and Innocent Sadiki’s twin sister Millicent Mashile were among the attendees. As Millicent donned one of her many graduation belts on Inno, she was seen having a good time. Millicent jokingly advised Inno to stop because the belts were becoming too heavy, and now Inno holds the distinction of having the highest level of education in their family.

On Skeem Saam, Inno Sadiki currently plays Sthoko. Inno was developing her filmmaking career as she continued her education at AFDA. Sthoko merely teaches at Turfloop High in the soap opera. She had a child with Dennis, her violent ex-husband.

Inno is a master of all trades in addition to being a literary genius. She is a successful businesswoman and a preacher.She is married to Phindulo Sadiki. She has appeared on reality television shows like Rich Pastor’s Wives since she married Phindulo. After receiving a master’s degree in art, Inno recently made headlines. To celebrate her outstanding academic accomplishments, she threw a huge party for herself. The actress did it spiritually as well as physically to remember her victory.She didn’t just leave after declaring her victory.

Innocent left for Israel on a random Friday and arrived on May 14. She went to the Jordan River to be baptized after arriving in Israel, where Jesus was also submerged. The God-fearing actress shared photos of herself being baptized in Israel’s Jordan River. She was beaming with happiness in the pictures.

Below are images of Inno Sadiki and her children enjoying a vacation: