Inno Left Mzansi In Tears After His Family Refused With His Inheritance #TheWayNgingakhona

Inno Left Mzansi In Tears After His Family Refused With His Inheritance #TheWayNgingakhona

Source: Hashtag #TheWayNgingakhona Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode


Mzansi has been praying for Inno from #TheWayNgingakhona to finds peace after his family chased him out of his house. Mzansi were left in tears after seeing him puring his heart and soul out on this show.

Inno’s family don’t wanna give him his inherent because he is gay. His mom knew that he was gay and she still left everything to him. Inno has been sleeping in hotel because his family is refusing with his mother’s house. They now want to talk to him about his sexuality becuase he want the house.

Viewers of the show have love how Inno’s aunt is helping him get what is his from the greedy and evil family members. The granny is fighting for the dead belongings, Innos aunt she is so vocal about the matter. They are so wrong for not giving him his house.

Aunt Modiehi went in gun blazing fighting for Inno and getting herself an enemy in the process only for Inno to come asking for peace and reconciliation now she’s left in the middle. The granny have refused to allow her come or to visit. Apparently she’s not allowed to stay in the house or to pay any visits in house.

Inno Matijane is the only child in his mother and now his fighting with family members for things that are rightfully his. Inno needs to take her to court, or write to Kukithi La, just to exposed them. Inno’s granny was seen hiding her face when we already saw her face when they entered the yard.