In #SkeemSaam: Melita Breaks Down In Tears After Seeing Mr Kgomo With His Wife

Melita is left sad and disappointed after she overhears Obed confessing his love for his wife, Ivy. It’s sad and painful that all the energy has gone to a waste. Melita is left homeless, and she has no place to go after being discharge from hospital.




Her energy went to waste, unfortunately her captain is going back to his wife who happens to be so cold in bed according to Melita. The problem with married men is they ‘love their wives’ but for some reason can’t seem to stay away from mistresses.

SkeemSaam viewers has been asking her if she really thought Kgomo will truly love her after that stunt she pulled with Mr Langa. Mr Kgomo was following the led as we all know that men are weak when it comes to skirts. Melita was just a phase in a relationship that she couple have to pass.

SkeemSaam is teaching its viewers something that also happen in real life. Such behaviour does exist, and we have seen and witness many relationships cracking because of a man cheating. SkeemSaam is teaching women that when you date a married man don’t get inner with your heart, just put your nails only, just in case.

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