In shock, Jacob Zuma’s baby mama has been accused of being a devil and a fraud at reunion show.

Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco, the baby mama of former president Jacob Zuma, has been accused of being a fraud and a devil.

Thobile “MaKhumalo” Mseleku ordered LaConco to quit acting like she didn’t dislike her at the reunion event on Friday.

Since MaKhumalo joined the cast of the show’s second season, the two have been unable to disguise their dislike for one another.

LaConco’s attempt to smooth things over by denying she had any beef with MaKhumalo backfired. Instead, it aggravated the situation.

It all started when host Donovan Goliath inquired if she inherited MaKhumalo’s sister’s wife, Nokukhanya “MaYeni” Mseleku’s feud with MaKhumalo.





She claimed there was no beef and that she and MaKhumalo needed to cross a bridge before meeting at the concert.

“MaYeni has nothing to do with it.” Thobile and I are aware that we had to cross a bridge previously. My flaw was that when I spotted the cameras, my mind couldn’t figure out how to laugh quickly enough. “Perhaps that is my flaw; I apologize,” LaConco stated.

MaKhumalo, on the other hand, didn’t believe her excuses.

“I wouldn’t call me perplexed.” There will come a time in life when you can no longer disguise who you are. I never imagined she had any beef in her family. She was being herself; it was simply her. How can you be so cruel to me every chance you get, and then when you see me for the first time, knowing I’ve seen everything you’ve said and done, hug me and call me sweety?” MaKhumalo wondered.

She claimed that LaConco was the type of person who lied to the point that she believed her falsehoods.

MaKhumalo stated, “Her believing that that’s a bridge we need to cross… honestly, she went it too far.”

She went on to say how astonished she was when LaConco hugged her.

“I’ve never seen such a devil in my life,” she continued.

But being referred to as a devil bothered LaConco. She even brought up MaKhumalo’s husband, polygamist Musa Mseleku, in the debate.