In Pictures: The expensive lifestyle of ‘Harriet’ Connie Ferguson from The Queen

Connie Ferguson is the widow of the late powerhouse actor who owns a television company, Shona Ferguson. After the death of Shona, Connie inherited her husband’s company, and she has proved to be more than a trophy wife by expanding the empire.

Besides inheriting her husband’s businesses, Connie is also a prominent actress famous for portraying Harriet on The Queen. Onset, she portrays a wealthy businesswoman running the family business, making fans curious about her life offscreen. Currently, the actress lives large, from going on expensive vacations to ridding exotic beasts. Here is a look at Connie’s expensive lifestyle.

Connie Ferguson

Connie Ferguson and Shona Ferguson

The expensive lifestyle of ‘Harriet’ Connie Ferguson from The Queen

The actress recently hogged headlines after Savanna News revealed her million-dollar mansion. Her mansion is estimated to be worth more than R20 million. However, despite living in a mansion, Connie owns several buildings and estates in the country.

The Queen actress Connie Ferguson’s R20 million lavish mansion

Connie also has a thing for fancy cars. She has been spotted driving the most delegate cars on the market. In her garage is a fleet of exotic beasts, including BMWs, Lamborghinis, and Mercedes G Wagons, to mention a few.

Business investments

Connie inherited the Ferguson Films production company built by her late husband, Shona. The production company is fast becoming one of the biggest production houses in the country. Ferguson Films is known for its award-winning telenovelas, The Queen, Rockville, and The Throne. Connie’s production company is also the brains behind a Netflix six-part series, Kings Of Joburg. The series bagged three awards at the Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards(HAPA).

Beauty And Fragrance Lines

Connie is a hustler who will do anything to secure the bag. In 2008 the actress launched her fragrance called True Self, becoming the first actress in Mzansi to own a beauty bar.

Her company is growing, and other actresses in Mzansi have followed in her footsteps by venturing into beauty businesses.