In Pictures: Inside Bonang’s recent photoshoot that got social media talking see comments

Bonang Matheba had been trending after her less impressive picture flooded social media. Fans blasted her and accused her of aging too fast, and some suggested that Bonang was sick. A Twitter user compared a picture of Bonang and Meghan Good, and that was the start of a fire that took a long to Twitter.

Despite all the backlash and body shaming, Bonang did not respond or comment. It took her two weeks from the day Twitter was all over her, trying to pull her down. Responding to haters who suggested that Bonang is aged and is out of shape: she released a jocker. Below are the pictures she shared and broke the internet.

Bonang photoshoot breaks the internet






Bonang’s recent photoshoot breaks the internet.

Now the issue is resolved; the picture that Twitter fans used to jab at her was an old picture far away from her best. Back to basics, Bonang showed up in a black and white long dress with a long vent. The outfit fitted so well with the background theme of the house. She took her time as she paused for a proper photoshoot in the most unlikely colors.

The thirty-four-year-old presenter paused in several positions as she showed the world she was still in her best shape. In the first picture, She stood tall, showing her incredible height and authority. She later took other positions when she showed her whole outfit and body, leaving Mzansi impressed.