In Pictures-Check Out Paxton And Lewatle Showing Off Moments In Real Life


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Our favourite naughty kids of Turfloop High School on skeem saam paxton and lewatle shows off their pictures together.

Paxton is the son of Mr Kgomo who is a highly respected man who runs the hospital of turfloop ,however many people dislike him because of how he is behaving towards other people and how he has been treating people

Mr kgomo has also taught his son to be like that ,they all think that they must be feared and well respected.

On the other hand lewatle is the daughter of babeile and she is a quiet girl who has just enetered into the wrong crowd because of paxton.





Her crush for paxton made her to behave like a naughty child.

Paxton and lewatle are a couple but the parents dont know however when they find out lewatle’s dad will he furious.

Check out pictures of lewatle and paxton in real life:

In real life they seem to be very good friends and being colleagues it makes them bond well together.