In photo: Mama Joy and her lover’s birthday date wows Mzansi

Top Springboks’ top fan, Mama Joy, went on a birthday date with her lover ‘Baba Joy’.

Mama Joy made headlines in the past few weeks while supporting the Springboks in France.

Many fans questioned where she got the money to France, believing the Springboks paid her fees.


The top fan declined such accusations, saying she funded herself to go to France and support the Springboks.

After clearing the air on that issue, Mama Joy made more headlines when she showed her lover.

She made a viral post on X (Twitter), and many fans were excited to meet Mama Joy’s lover.

After the World Cup, Mama Joy went on to paint her house with the Springboks colours, and fans loved it.

Sharing pictures, Mama Joys expressed how happy she was to paint her house that way.