Imbewu – Zithulele’s tale takes a dramatic new twist

Mzwandile (Nduduzo Zuma) is still reeling from the traumatic death of his niece Silindile (Lynn Williems) in a hit-and-run incident in July caused by Zithulele Bhengu (Raphael Griffiths).

He’s vowed not to rest until he finds her killer who left her to die in a ditch. But just how far will Mzwandile go to get revenge – and how will his fury play into the hands of one of the Bhengus enemy Makhosazana (Nokulunga Kunene)?

Mzwandile is a raging bull at the moment. But what infuriates him more is that the person responsible for his nieces death doesn’t step up and claim responsibility.

He is willing to go to any lengths to avenge Silindile’s death, especially because he blames himself since he didn’t pick up her call on the night of the accident.




While on a path to revenge, Mzwandile has a remarkable dream that leads him to Nozinyo (Gcina Mkhize), who witnessed the fatal accident.

Following his dream, Mzwandile visits and he’s shocked when he notices that she’s wearing Silindile’s earring.

Mzwandile doesn’t know Nozinyo, but he sees the dream as a sign that will lead him to knowing more about who killed Silindile.

When he questions Nozinyo, she gives him information that leads him straight to the Bhengus’ doorstep!


As whispers about Mzwandile’s quest start buzzing, Makhosazana reaches out with a gift: An envelope full of cash and the video footage that reveals Silindile’s killer moved her body.

Makhosazana then offers to help Mzwandile to get revenge on Zithu and she tells her new friend where Zithu will be and that he’ll be a sitting duck.