Imani from Muvhango look style

It is because Zonke Mchunu plays her home wrecker role so flawlessly that some people confuse her Muvhango character for who she is in reality. It is not every viewer who can separate an onscreen character from one’s real life persona. In many instances, actors are bullied for playing villainous characters when the step out into the real world.

Imani from Muvhango goes through the most and her latest ordeal takes her aback. According to Sunday World, the actress reports how she meets a disgruntled fan who almost rearranges her face. Sensing a stalker while shopping last week, the actress notices a strange woman following her.

Out of the blue, Zonke notices a woman pouncing on her in an attempt to scratch her face. Whatever the woman was going through, she thought attacking a person she saw on TV as a homewrecker would fix the country.

“At first, I laughed because I thought it was someone who liked the show, was referring to my character. Little did I know she meant business. I was still shaking and just froze, it is only when she nearly poked my eye, that I realised this lady means business. I was lucky when a gentleman approached and asked what was going on,” she adds.