Connie Ferguson opens up on losing her husband, Shona

Popular Mzansi actress and director Connie Ferguson recently opened up about losing her husband and children’s father Shona Ferguson two years ago. While Connie managed to put up a brave face and continues to inspire her millions of fans with her workout clips and wonderful relationship with her children, she shared how she isn’t always as strong as she looks.





Videos from her interview have gone viral on social media as many commend her for being so brave, others have shared well wishes with her as she moves forward.

Two years ago in July, TV great Shona Ferguson lost his life. The actor and director’s sudden passing left South Africans reeling as they discussed how fickle life truly is.People were particularly sad for his wife Connie Ferguson with whom he built his empire. The pair were married for 20 years at the time of his death.

Connie on the other hand kept a brave face and remained a beacon of light for many. She turned to the gym to find solace and looked as radiant as ever.

In a recent interview with Newzroom Afrika, she revealed that she isn’t as strong as she manages to look — according to her, she is still “traumatized” by his death.“I know he is my biggest angel, and I feel him a lot. I know he will always be with me, and for me, that is very comforting. Yes, I want him here physically because I am used to us being together.

“But he is not here, so I have to do what I have [to do].”

She also said that she believes there is a reason for his passing and that God has plans for her.

“He [God] would never let me suffer in vain, and I may not know the