I’m still paying for a car I last saw 5 years ago _ singer details how her ex messed up her life

Celebrity relationship are very messy, most of the things that happened in them only come out when things are no longer working.

Singer Moneoa is currently picking up the pieces after a relationship of 5 years left her broken. Moneoa Moshesh Sowazi is a South African singer-songwriter and actress, She rose to stardom back in 2013 after the release of her hit songs Is’Bhanxa and Love More Than You. In 2015 she starred on Mzansi Magic’s Telenovela The Road.

She shared on her Instagram live page, how a 5 year relationship with Phiwe Maphanga left her with nothing plus a huge dept, She lost everything including her home, car, furniture and all her belongings.

The singer explained that she is still paying for a car that she has not seen since 2017, Moneoa’s BMW car was taken by her then boyfriend Phiwe to go and get it fixed in 2017, and this was the last time she ever saw that car.

Phiwe later purchased a Range Rover for Moneoa and had it registered under her name, he only paid for the car installments for the first few months and stopped. The bank started deducting the money for the car from Moneoa’s account monthly.

Moneoa shared that this had inconvenienced her in a very bad way, she ended up getting evicted from her apartment because she was unable to pay rent, because of the car installment. After being evicted, the singer said that she went back home and all her belongings were put in storage where Phiwe paid rent for them.

When he stopped paying rent, and Moneoa’s belongings got auctioned without her knowledge. She realised that she lost everything when her belongings were already sold in an auction. The saddest part is that Moneoa revealed that she is still paying for a car that she last saw 5 years ago, A car she does not have and does not know where it is.

Her BMW that her ex told her he was going to get it fixed.

Source: mobile.twitter.com/MusaKhawula/status/1560709606103519233