“I’m human I do get stranded too” MamKhize shares her experience in a Polo Uber

MamKhize and Tamia Mpisane get stranded in Durban and they have to call an Uber. Taking to her Instagram stories, MamKhize said that her daughter in law Tamia Mpisane forgot to tell Andile Mpisane to fetch them from the airport. She said that Tamia then had to call an Uber which was a Polo.


MamKhize and Tamia Mpisane were having fun riding in the Polo with the Uber driver. They said that they didn’t know the songs but they were dancing along. MamKhize named her driver Mr Man. People were in stitches by this. They said image getting an Uber request and only to find out that it is MamKhize and her daughter in law. MamKhize said that people must know that she is human and she does get stranded too.

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