“If I had one wish” Lootlove remembers her late brother.

You never get over death. No matter how much time passes the pain will always be fresh. The grief never goes away, it will sometimes creep on you and change everything in an instant. It is one of those things that people have no control over. You just learn to live everything.





Lootlove is a television and radio presenter. One of the best in the country. She has appeared in many shows such Live Amp and many more. She’s a mother to two beautiful girls that she has with rapper Reason. She lost her baby brother years back just months after breaking up with her baby daddy.

Today makes the anniversary of her brother’s death. She refers to him as Frequency. She shared a picture of him carrying his nieces. We know his pictures that he adored the twins. We hope someday the pain we be less and she will remember him without too much pain.