IdolsSA winner for season 18 will be announced later today on the final episode of the show

Is it Nozi or Thapelo?

Both of these contestants have worked very hard to be here they are today. Since they made it to the finals it proves that they are the winners, but who will be taking it all home. Is it Nozi or Thapelo?


Nozi has made even the international stars such as Jennifer Hudson proud, but that work on her advantage to be the best of season 18? Thapelo on the other hand his is unmatched, he knows how to sing and gets people attached to his voice. I hope that both of them make it in the entertainment industry.

There are many former IdolsSA contestants who made it to the top 10 on the show, but they are not famous or releasing any music. IdolsSA needs to promote Nozi and Thapelo to be one of the top artists in South Africa, because many people look up to them.