Idols| Viewers express their concerns about Somizi on the show last night


Somizi’s comments last night about Loyiso song that was performed by one of the artists on idols has got many people talking on social media, after he compares those artists together which is something that many people don’t like.

Most people started to say that Somizi is disrespecting Loyiso because of the words that he said about the icon that has done well in this country, because Loyiso is the founder of that song and no one can sing that better than him.


It looks like most artists will change their minds about allowing people to sing their songs in idols because they willl feel like their hard work has been stolen, by this person and they want to be recognised for something that they don’t deserve after doing all the work on that song.

Loyiso has been one of the few Rnb artists back in the days who was having hard for his songs to be played because of the popularity of Kwaito music.