Idols SA: Thembi Seete slammed by viewers for not judging contestants properly

Idols SA has returned and with it we received brand new judges, JR and Thembi Seete. The reception was positive and even hopeful at first that the switch would make sense but just weeks into things the general consensus looks to be that Thembi isn’t a good fit as a judge.

During Somizi’s absence from the show last season, Thembi was one of many guest judges. It looked like, from that brief period that she might be a good judge. However, things have taken a turn. The veteran singer and actress may be still beloved, but people don’t appreciate her approach to judging.

It is easy to notice why at a first glance. The position of judging requires someone who isn’t afraid to say negative things or give constructive criticism. Thembi merely compliments everyone and just overdoes it with the hyping up of every contestant. It isn’t easy to take her seriously in that position.


Viewers took to Twitter to share their displeasure at Thembi’s style.

One viewer wrote, “Honestly speaking, Thembi is not fit to be a judge #IdolsSA”

While another viewer wrote, “The only good thing Thembi does is dressing well. As far as judging is concerned, mogirl doesn’t have the skills. She must not come back next season #IdolsSA”

One viewer wrote, “Thembi is just there for vibes. Nothing solid comes from her judging perspective. Angazi guys #IdolsSA”

A final user wrote, “Nna ake (I’m not) happy with Thembi’s commentary, it’s like she’s playing it safe, and that’s not good when it comes to bettering the contestants. #IdolsSA”

I think that Thembi is trying too hard to be the positive judge and its affecting her ability to do her job. Judging isn’t about being the nice guy, it’s about giving the contestants advice on how they can improve. I don’t think she is fulfilling this.