” I Would Never Call DJ Maphorisa For Help ” Dr Malinga Breaks Down In Tears On MacG Podcast

Dr. Malinga, a musician and music producer, has disclosed that he is alone and that he is going through a difficult moment.

On Thursday, Malinga was invited to Podcast and Chill with Mac G. Malinga broke down in tears during the interview when explaining the Sars event. He said that he was present when his furniture was sold at auction.

heartbroken Dr. Malinga sobs as he describes how the SARS grabbed his property and sold it in his presence. After it was revealed that Dr. Malinga had neglected to pay his mortgage, he became a trending topic a few weeks ago.

Later it was disclosed that SARS will seize his property and sell it to recoup the debt. Dr. Malinga was forced to see his agonizing property loss.

Dr. Malinga lost the land for which he had spent his entire life working, leaving little for his family to live on. There is only the man himself to blame for everything that occurred in his view. Dr. Malinga elaborated on his version of what transpired to lead to him not paying in an interview with Podcast and Chill with MacG.




Even more, he vowed to never ask DJ Maphorisa for assistance, regardless of the situation. He became emotional throughout the entire interview, and he started crying as he described how the sheriff had taken his stuff that had been repossessed and sold it at auction.

A few years ago, Dr. Malinga had an opulent lifestyle as his music gained popularity. In order to move into the R3.2 million property in the Zambezi Country Estate, he even left his hometown. He had a glimpse of heaven in his magnificent residence, which was loaded with pricey possessions. Sadly, the singer of the successful song “Petronella” had to live this comfortable life for a while before SARS repossessed and sold his property.

As sad and heartbreaking as it is, Dr Malinga dared to speak about the whole experience. Malinga thinks he is a giver who doesn’t expect to receive all the time. As he broke into tears, Malinga said he described a trend in his life that looked like a curse. He said