I wish Shona Ferguson was still alive – SK Khoza shares what having Shona Ferguson in his life meant

It is normal that when someone does good, we give them credit and we even love them for what they do. What we tend to forget sometimes is that there are people working behind that person making sure that he does not lose steps. I am writing this because I have seen people being guided by parents, brothers, and sisters to the level that they were meant to be.

Sithembiso SK Khoza was interviewed by Igagasi FM three days ago and their video was shared on Youtube. There are a lot of things that he was talking about in that 20-minute long interview, but what I am going to pick on is the last part where he mentioned the late Shona Ferguson.




Everyone who had to talk about Shona Ferguson after his passing had good things to say about him. He appeared to be a father figure to many of the actors who worked with him. Sithembiso Khoza has been surrounded by a number of scandals lately, but as a public figure, he cannot spend the whole week in bed thinking about what the community is going to say when he steps out. He was a man enough to honour the interview and explain himself. The reason why he felt the need to mention Shona Ferguson is that when you see yourself losing your way, you always remember the person you have considered your mentor.

At the end of an interview, Khoza mentioned that he wishes Shona Ferguson was still alive. He went on to explain that Shona was a person who did not want anything bad to take place around him. He also believes that Shona is looking down on him from heaven and that Mr. Ferguson must know that he is loved by SK himself. He also thanks him for everything he did while he was still on earth.

watch full interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4V0P8-VsENU

I think Shona has done a lot of good things for many people, and it is nice to see that people like Sithembiso still remember his name. It shows that the hearts that Shona has touched will always remember his name whenever they achieve something. The world is in need of people like him.