I will beat you up, tell them you were joking about the fight Big Zulu tells Cassper to withdraw

Source: https://twitter.com/BigZulu_ZN/status/1581990478601682945?t=0LWgpnZQ07k-wnTLnnIPdw&s=19

Celebrity fight has become a trend on South Africa, many talented artists have found a way to make a mark in the industry by joining Cassper Nyovest on his fighting matches. So far many have lost against him, this time he will be challenging Big Zulu, a giant man who does not admit that Cassper is fit enough to take him down on the ring. He shared a tweet today that Cassper



should stop talking too touch and tell the world how sorry he is to him about the challenge. He wrote using his mother tongue that he cannot believe that he is being challenged by the artist. According to him he believes that Cassper is not fit enough to fight him all he does is talk too much and that annoys him because a big mouth can only by cars not get into a fight with him.

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