” I Was Sobataged ” Makhadzi Complains After Sharing 40 Minutes With Jah Prayzah On Stage

In a recent event that brought together some of Africa’s top musical talents, Winky D, Makhadzi, and Jah Prayzah took the stage for an electrifying night of entertainment. The crowd was treated to an 80-minute performance by Winky D, followed by a 40-minute shared set by Makhadzi and Jah Prayzah.


However, what was meant to be a harmonious night took an unexpected turn when Makhadzi voiced her dissatisfaction with the proceedings. The talented artist alleged that she had been intentionally undermined, claiming that she had been paid half a million Rands to perform for an hour. Makhadzi asserted that the event’s promoter leveraged her and Jah Prayzah’s popularity to draw in the crowd and sell tickets, only to allocate them a mere 40 minutes of combined stage time.

In an emotional statement, Makhadzi expressed her belief that this was a deliberate attempt to tarnish her reputation. The incident highlights the complex dynamics of the entertainment industry, shedding light on the challenges artists can face even in celebratory settings.